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Why to Choose Ethic Himalaya

Why To Choose Ethic Himalaya?

We are a reputable trekking company based in Kathmandu, comprising a team of highly trained and professional trekking guides and mountain guides and the International Federation of Mountain Guide Association (IFMGA), who possess Nepal Government licenses and boast 20 years of invaluable experience. Our primary goal is to ensure the utmost satisfaction of our valued guests, and to achieve this, we operate without any intermediaries, enabling direct and seamless communication with our clients. This allows us to tailor our services to meet guests' unique preferences and desires during their memorable time in Nepal.

We take great pride in offering various holiday packages and adventure trips with guaranteed departures, ensuring our clients can confidently plan their travels. However, it's essential to acknowledge that certain unforeseen events beyond our control, such as epidemics, pandemics, political unrest, natural disasters, and governmental restrictions, might occasionally impact the scheduling of some trips.

As seasoned experts in trekking and climbing within the majestic Himalayas, we have amassed profound knowledge and expertise in the travel and adventure industry. Our diverse selection of extraordinary experiences includes culturally enriching heritage tours, wildlife excursions, culinary journeys, and captivating photography tours. Additionally, we cater to thrill-seekers with exhilarating mountain leisure tours, extreme Himalayan adventures, and challenging mountain climbing expeditions.

We are dedicated to curating finely tuned itineraries that cater to the diverse interests of our patrons, ensuring each journey with us becomes an unforgettable and life-enriching experience.

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Are our costs more expensive?

At Ethic Himalaya, we understand the importance of budget considerations when planning your trip. That's why we work closely with you to accommodate your financial limitations. Our range of options caters to groups of all sizes, offering flexibility for small to large gatherings. Whether you prefer low-budget accommodations or the luxury of all-inclusive camping trips with every conceivable comfort, we have choices that suit your preferences.

One of the advantages of working directly with us is the absence of hidden agency overhead costs. This means that your budget is solely allocated to cover your travel expenses. Please don't worry; our commitment to fair compensation extends to our trekking guides, mountain guides, and porters, ensuring they receive proper remuneration for their valuable services.

With Ethic Himalaya, you can expect exceptional service without inflated costs, regardless of your group size. We guarantee the best prices for the trips we offer to our clients. We aim to provide high-quality experiences while prioritizing affordability and value for money.

Is our service for trekking staff more limited?

Unlike agencies that prioritize adherence to prescribed itineraries and often assemble their staff at the last minute, we, as an inbound company, offer a more flexible and personalized approach to ensure standard industry practices do not limit your experience. We aim to help you avoid unnecessary "tourist markup" and its associated limitations.

We can allocate our resources effectively at Ethic Himalaya, ensuring such issues never arise. Our extensive experience allows us to handpick and provide top-quality trekking staff for your journey, should the group itinerary require it. We have a dedicated team of experienced porters, kitchen staff, and security personnel available for camping expeditions, guaranteeing a comfortable and secure experience. Additionally, for those embarking on higher-peak adventures, we provide highly skilled climbing guides to accompany you every step.

By offering these comprehensive services, we strive to enhance your trekking experience while prioritizing safety, comfort, and professionalism throughout your journey.

Is it safe? What Kind of Assistance Can I Expect for Health and Emergency Issues?

Ensuring your safety is our utmost priority at Ethic Himalaya. Our trekking staff, especially our experienced guides, are well-informed, trained, and equipped to handle various health issues travelers may encounter. You can feel confident in discussing any troubles or concerns with our guides, whether related to gastrointestinal problems or altitude-related symptoms.

Our knowledgeable guides will provide valuable guidance on safe food and water options, emphasizing responsible choices and a gradual approach to higher altitudes. They are equipped to address altitude sickness and will take the necessary measures to ensure your well-being throughout the trek.

In the unfortunate event of an emergency, rest assured that our guides have excellent connections and resources. They can swiftly organize immediate evacuations as required, utilizing suitable means such as horses or helicopters, depending on the severity and urgency of the situation. We want you to know that our priority is to help you as soon as possible to ensure your safety and well-being.

We take pride in our commitment to maintaining the highest standards of safety and providing the necessary support in cases of health or emergency issues. You can trust that you will be in capable hands throughout your journey with Ethic Himalaya.

Highest Standards of Safety Operations

Ensuring the safety of our clients is our utmost priority. At Ethic Himalaya, we adhere to the highest standards of safety operations to provide you with a secure and enjoyable experience. Our comprehensive itinerary, personalized one-on-one information, hygienic food, lodging arrangements, highly experienced and knowledgeable mountain leaders, appropriate staff ratio, and robust emergency backup plan are all designed to guarantee the safety and well-being of every trekker and climber who journeys with us.

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By selecting Ethic Himalaya, you are opting for a renowned operator with a long-standing history of practical expertise, impeccable safety records, and an exceptional success rate. Throughout the years, it has been consistently acknowledged that prioritizing the safety of our trekkers is the fundamental factor that leads to a successful adventure. We are proud to emphasize that we maintain a flawless zero-death record, a testament to our unwavering commitment to safety.

Reliable and Lifetime Deposit

We understand the significance of your holiday time, especially after a long break from work, and the substantial investment involved. In today's world, where frauds and scams abound, it is crucial to exercise caution when choosing an operator. When you entrust your holiday arrangements to Ethic Himalaya, you can have complete confidence in our decades-long, reputable track record. As an officially registered trekking company with the Nepal Government, we guarantee that your hard-earned money is secure, ensuring an exceptional and valuable trip.

With Ethic Himalaya, you won't encounter any unexpected charges for services not rendered. In the event of a cancellation or if you are unable to embark on your trip this year or even in the coming years, you have the flexibility to transfer your booked trip (deposit or total amount) to your friends, family, or relatives according to your wishes, unless otherwise specified. Also, if unforeseen circumstances arise that require rescheduling your travel date to a later time, you can rest assured that your deposit will still be valid.

By choosing Ethic Himalaya, you ensure a reliable and secure booking experience and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with our commitment to preserving your deposit for a lifetime.

Nepal Government Certified Guides

At Ethic Himalaya, we take great pride in providing you with the highest expertise and professionalism. Our guides have received certification from the Nepali government authorities to ensure an exceptional trekking and mountaineering experience. Our trekking guides hold certificates from NATHM (Nepal Academy of Tourism and Hospitality Management). In contrast, our mountain guides possess NMA (Nepal Mountaineering Association) and IFMGA (International Federation of Mountain Guides Associations) certifications.

Our ethical Himalaya Mountain Guides are handpicked, rigorously trained, and undergo thorough testing to meet the highest standards. They hold Wilderness First Aid certifications, equipping them to handle emergencies in the challenging mountain terrain. Additionally, our guides are fluent in multiple languages, including English, French, and others, to ensure effective communication and a personalized experience for our diverse clientele.

With our Nepal Government-certified guides leading the way, you can be confident in their expertise, local knowledge, and commitment to your safety and enjoyment throughout your trekking and mountaineering journeys with Ethic Himalaya.

Treatment of Porters

Porters play a crucial role in trekking, expeditions, and other adventure tourism activities, as they shoulder most of a trekker's baggage through diverse and hazardous terrains. Recognizing their indispensable contribution and treating them respectfully and fairly is imperative. Unfortunately, many porters face severe exploitation, including issues like being underpaid, overloaded with excessive baggage, underfed, and poorly sheltered during treks. Moreover, they often need more proper gear and equipment, such as worn-out boots and torn jackets. At Ethic Himalaya, we prioritize the well-being of our porters, showing them genuine care and respect, which sets us apart from other tour companies. By treating our porters with dignity and providing them with the support they need, we have built a strong bond of trust, making them prefer working with us.

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