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Lhasa Kailash Tour


Lhasa Kailash Tour

The Lhasa Kailash Tour, also known as the "Lhasa to Mount Kailash Tour" or the "Tibet Mount Kailash Tour," is a religious pilgrimage that starts in Lhasa and ends at the holy Mount Kailash. The tour begins on the Tibetan plateau, near the Potala Palace, which is considered the spiritual center of Tibetan Buddhism. Monasteries are also found on this plateau. During the tour, visitors will come across mystical landscapes, holy temples, and settlements occupied by monks. The ultimate destination of the tour is Mount Kailash, which is known as the home of the gods in Hinduism, the axis mundi in Buddhism, and a sacred site in Jainism and Bonpo traditions. This tour provides an opportunity for travelers to experience ancient customs and stunning landscapes, resulting in a life-changing experience.

The Lhasa Kailash Tour is an incredible journey that starts in Lhasa, the ancient capital of Tibet. The tour takes you through some of the most historically significant locations in the region, including Gyantse and Shigatse, where you can explore important temples and sites. This tour is a perfect blend of stunning natural beauty and cultural immersion. Your next stop is the breathtaking Yamdrok Lake, followed by the revered Mount Kailash, which holds significant religious importance in Buddhist, Hindu, and Jain traditions. At Mount Kailash, you will participate in the rigorous ritual of circumambulating the holy summit. The journey culminates at the spiritually significant Lake Mansarovar, where you can take a moment to reflect. The picturesque drives through the region offer profound insights into Tibetan culture against the stunning Himalayan backdrop. Please note that Lake Mansarovar is located in Tibet, not Pakistan. Throughout the journey, you will have the opportunity to engage in cultural exchanges with the warm and welcoming Tibetan people, making your experience even more personal and unforgettable.

The Tibet-Lhasa Kailash Tour is a remarkable journey that brings together spirituality and breathtaking landscapes in perfect harmony every day. You will begin your journey with a breathtaking flight from Kathmandu to Lhasa. Along the way, you will pass through some of the most picturesque towns in Tibet on your way to Mansarovar Lake and the revered Mount Kailash. The majestic Potala Palace, the tranquil Sera Monastery, the revered Jokhang Temple, and the idyllic Norbulingka Summer Palace are some of the iconic landmarks that can be discovered through guided sightseeing in Lhasa when you visit the city. During this once-in-a-lifetime journey, you will have the opportunity to fully immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere of the traditional Tibetan Barkhor market, which will allow you to absorb the rich culture of the local community.

During the Tibet Mount Kailash Tour, you will visit nomadic towns that are rich in culture, and each step will reveal a new piece of Tibet's rich heritage. The journey covers approximately 1,200 kilometers and starts in Lhasa, passing through Gyantse, Shigatse, and Saga before reaching the shores of the beautiful Lake Manasarovar and Darchen. This overland travel experience connects you with the land as you explore and reflect on the natural wonders surrounding Mansarovar Lake. The tour reaches its climax as you approach the border between Nepal and Tibet, marking the end of an extraordinary journey. Besides providing a life-changing experience that stays with you long after the journey is over, the Lhasa Kailash Tour is a demonstration of the splendor that can be found in overland travel.

Lhasa Kailash Tour
Tibet-Lhasa Kailash Tour Highlights and Attractions



15 Days

Group Size

2-15 Pax




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May - September


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Trip Itinerary

  • 01 Fly: Kathmandu to Lhasa (3,650m)

    After a hearty breakfast in Kathmandu, your journey continues as you transfer to the airport and take a flight to Lhasa. Upon arrival at Gonggar Airport, your dedicated Tibet Guide will warmly welcome you. Once immigration formalities are completed, a comfortable drive will take you to Lhasa, situated at an elevation of 3650 meters. The drive to the old city lasts approximately 45 minutes.

    Upon reaching your hotel and completing the check-in process, it's recommended to take some time to rest and acclimatize to Lhasa's high altitude. Make sure to stay hydrated by drinking ample fluids. This gentle adjustment period is crucial for allowing your body to adapt to the elevated altitude. It's important to note that no specific activities are scheduled for today, giving you the opportunity to unwind and prepare for the exciting days ahead.

  • 02 Lhasa City Tour

    Following a nourishing breakfast, you will receive a detailed overview of the day's itinerary. An experienced guide will lead you through a captivating exploration of Lhasa's notable sites.

    • Sera Monastery: Insights into Tibetan Buddhism: Commence your day with a visit to the renowned Sera Monastery. Here, you will gain valuable insights into the core elements of Tibetan Buddhism, guided by the expertise of your knowledgeable guide.
    • Norbulingka: Dalai Lama's Summer Retreat: Your journey continues to Norbulingka, the splendid summer retreat that once hosted the Dalai Lama. This striking structure, adorned with intricate Tibetan carvings and paintings, was completed in 1956, and your guide will provide you with a glimpse into its history and significance.
    • Jokhang Temple: Cultural Heritage Unveiled: The revered Jokhang Temple awaits, offering yet another window into Tibet's rich cultural heritage. This sacred site holds deep spiritual importance, and your guide will illuminate its historical and cultural significance.
    • Barkhor Square: Lively Hub of Lhasa: Embark on a stroll through the bustling Barkhor Square, the vibrant heart of Lhasa. This central hub pulsates with activity and serves as a captivating center of local life.

    After a fulfilling day of exploration, your guide will escort you back to your hotel. Reflect on the cultural wonders you've encountered and prepare for the exciting adventures that lie ahead.

  • 03 Lhasa City Tour

    Begin your day with an early breakfast, ready to embark on a remarkable journey led by your guide to the captivating Potala Palace. This magnificent structure commands attention against the Lhasa skyline.

    • Potala Palace: Majestic Wonder
      Guided by your expert, you'll venture to the grand Potala Palace. Its striking presence dominates Lhasa's views. As you explore its ancient chambers, you'll be immersed in the finest Tibetan artistry. The palace boasts intricate murals showcasing Tibetan craftsmanship, alongside stunning statues that offer insights into Tibet's rich heritage. During your visit, you'll even have the privilege to witness the resting places of the eight Dalai Lamas, an experience of profound historical and cultural importance.
    • Drepung Monastery: Tranquil Sanctuary
      Continuing your exploration, you'll visit the serene Drepung Monastery. Here, you can absorb the tranquil atmosphere while observing monks and nuns engaged in spiritual practices like chanting and religious discussions. The monastery's serene surroundings further enhance the sense of peace.

    After a fulfilling day of cultural immersion, your guide will escort you back to your hotel for rest and rejuvenation. Use this time to reflect on the enriching experiences you've encountered, preparing for the exciting adventures that lie ahead.

    Note: The Potala Palace has a daily visitor limit, which may affect the sightseeing order. Trust your guide to craft a captivating experience, adjusting based on the available opportunities.

  • 04 Drive to Gyantse (261km)

    Traveling along the Friendship Highway, you'll journey past Khamba La at an elevation of 4,794 meters. Take a moment to pause and relish the awe-inspiring vistas of Yamdrok-Tso Lake and the towering Nazin Kang SA peak, an impressive 7,252 meters. As you continue westward, you'll encounter the Karo La pass at 5,045 meters, offering a view of colossal glaciers descending along the roadside. Covering a distance of 261 kilometers, you'll eventually arrive at Gyantse, where meticulously adorned Tibetan villages come into sight as you enter this charming town.

  • 05 Drive to Shigatse (94.1km)

    Embark on a journey to Shigatse, Tibet's second-largest city. The route takes you through the lush Nyanchu Valley, adorned with a vast agricultural expanse. Along the way, the vibrant sights of Tibetan farmers tending to their colorfully adorned yaks and horses as they cultivate the land might catch your eye. Approximately 13 miles before reaching Shigatse, you'll encounter the Shalu Monastery turn-off. This detour leads to an 11th-century monastery of significant local historical and cultural importance. Serving as the focal point for the Buddhist sub-order Buton, this monastery holds a special place in the region's heritage.

    Upon returning to the main highway, your journey continues towards Shigatse. After settling in at your hotel and refreshing yourself, you'll promptly venture out to explore the immense Tashilunbo Monastery. This monastery holds paramount significance as the primary residence of the Panchen Lama, Tibet's second most revered spiritual leader after the Dalai Lama.

  • 06 Drive to Rongbuk Monastery (4980m/340km)

    Starting the day, our first stop will be the illustrious Tashilunpo Monastery, the residence of the revered Panchen Lama. After absorbing the monastery's grandeur, we'll depart from Shigatse, ensuring that we have your Alien's travel permit in hand. Our route leads us to the quaint town of Lhatse, offering a pleasant spot for lunch.

    Continuing our journey, we'll traverse the high-altitude terrain, passing through the Tsola Pass (4600 meters) and the Gyatsola Pass (5248 meters). As we enter the pristine expanse of the Mt. Everest National Nature Reserve, the captivating Himalayan panorama unfolds at the Gawula Pass (5198 meters). Along the newly constructed zigzag road, we'll make our way to the famed Everest Base Camp (5200 meters), where you'll have the unique opportunity to approach and gaze upon the magnificence of Mt. Everest. If the conditions permit, the evening might gift us with a golden sunset illuminating the Everest peak, creating an unforgettable experience in the lodging area.

  • 07 Hike to Everest Base Camp (5,200m). Drive to Saga (450km)

    Embark on a morning journey to the magnificent Mount Everest Base Camp, where the grand peak stands tall against the sky, providing a world-reaching experience. Capture this stunning view before returning to Rongpuk. Continuing into the late morning, follow the old Tingri road to witness the remarkable sights of Mount Everest, Cho Oyo, and Shishapangma. Notably, Shishapangma's 8,012-meter height was the final conquest among the world's 8000-meter peaks. The road gracefully parallels the Himalayan and Nepali Lantang ranges, leading through the vast Digur Tang plain and past snow-capped peaks. Leaving the Bum-chu basin, the path ascending to the Pelkhu-tso depression (4600 meters), with its striking cobalt blue lake, before concluding the day's journey in the modest town of Saga, located 69 kilometers from Phelgu-tso.

  • 08 Saga to Manasarovar Lake (455km)

    After breakfast, you'll start your journey from Saga, with an early departure recommended due to the long distance. After traveling about 150 kilometers, you'll reach Old Dzongba, a region inhabited by Tibetan herders. Your drive will then take you through high passes and vast pastures on your way to Paryang, a small town housing a Chinese military base. Paryang faces the Himalayas and experiences harsh weather. Continuing westward from Paryang, you'll encounter a military checkpoint at Horchu River. After completing security procedures, a 10-minute drive beyond the checkpoint leads to a quick lunch break. From there, it's around a two-hour drive to Manasarovar from Mayum La. The option for a sacred dip and spiritual ritual, known as pooja, can be done today or tomorrow based on arrival time and weather conditions, with the decision made collaboratively by your guide, group manager, and tour leader.

  • 09 Manasarovar Lake to Darchen (114km/4,575m)

    In the early morning, visit Mansarovar Lake for a sacred bath, perform puja (ritual prayer), hawan (fire ceremony), and other customs according to your tradition. The serene lake and the stunning view of Mount Kailash create a beautiful ambiance. Despite the cold lake water, devotees approach this ritual with deep spirituality and devotion. It's important to note that recent regulations by the Tibetan Government restrict full immersion in the lake, considering it a punishable offense. Instead, you can ask our sherpas to bring water in a bucket for your bath. After the bath and prayers, the group will proceed to Darchen, passing through Rakshasa Taal and Chiu Gompa while completing around 70% of the lake's circumambulation. The remaining part of the circuit will be done on the return from Darchen, following the kora (ritual circumambulation) of Mount Kailash.

    Upon arrival in Darchen, check into the hotel and spend the rest of the day relaxing and preparing for the next day's kora of Mount Kailash. Enjoy dinner and spend the night at the hotel.

  • 10 Trek to Dirapuk (5,210m)

    Today, start your day early with a light breakfast before heading to Tarboche. Remember to fill your water bottle before the trek. Everyone can visit Yama Dwar before beginning the kora. Tarboche, on Mount Kailash's south face, is where you can rent horses/ponies, controlled by local Union and Kailash yatra operators. From Tarboche, move to Yama Dwar, the official start of the Kailash kora. The 12-kilometer trek to Dirapuk Gompa begins gently but gets tougher due to the high altitude's lower oxygen, making breathing a bit harder. Pause at small shops and a tea stall halfway before continuing to Dirapuk. Arriving at Dirapuk, see the impressive Mount Kailash on the trek. Capture its beauty in photos and proceed to your guesthouse by Dirapuk Monastery. With the temperature dropping below freezing at night, dinner will be a light and quick meal (Khichdi, soup, etc.), followed by rest.

  • 11 Trek to Zutulpuk (4,790km)

    Rise very early, just before dawn, to witness the stunning sight of the first sunlight illuminating Mt. Kailash, creating a mesmerizing 'Golden Kailash' view. Have a quick and light breakfast, prepare hot water in your flask, and pack snacks for lunch. Get ready to start your trek towards Zuthulphuk. This day is considered the most challenging of the trip, with a continuous steep ascent to Dolma-La pass (5,630 m) and a subsequent steep descent to Gauri Kunda. Near Dolma La pass, you'll encounter colorful flags and personal items left behind by pilgrims, creating Shiva Tsal (Shiva Sthal), a significant spot. According to tradition, those performing the parikrama should leave something behind, like clothing, jewelry, a drop of blood, or a lock of hair, symbolizing leaving behind the hardships of life and seeking an end to suffering. The total distance for today's trek is approximately 22 kilometers, leading you to Zuthulpuk Gompa, where you'll spend the night.

  • 12 Trek to Darchen. Drive to Saga (430km)

    Today marks the culmination of our Mount Kailash trek. Begin the day by waking up and enjoying a light breakfast before embarking on the descent towards Darchen. Our trek entails a gradual and manageable journey covering approximately 6 kilometers. As we proceed, we'll eventually reach a designated point where vehicles will be stationed, ready to transport us. These vehicles will convey us to Darchen, where the remainder of the group awaits. Following a period of refreshing rest, we'll resume our journey by road, heading towards Saga. During this stretch, we'll complete the outstanding portion of the Lake Manasarovar parikrama, all while traveling by vehicle. Upon arriving in Saga, you'll have the chance to unwind and enjoy a leisurely period of relaxation. Your stay for the evening will be in a guesthouse in Saga.

  • 13 Drive to Kyirong (300km)

    As you journey from Saga to the Kyirong border, you'll encounter an entirely new world, distinct from the snowy landscapes you've been accustomed to. Along the way, you'll be surrounded by waterfalls, thriving forests, and deep gorges, providing a contrasting backdrop to your travels. Among the most captivating sights are the snow-capped mountains standing against the backdrop of the forest, creating a diverse and ever-changing scenery. Today's drive of 5-6 hours will lead you to exit China in the afternoon at the Chinese Kyirong border, also known as Rashuwaghadi in Nepal. Here, you'll spend the night at the border, awaiting the Nepalese driver who will pick you up the next morning. Your accommodation for the night will be at a hotel in Rashuwaghadi, the border town on the Nepal side, setting the stage for the next leg of your journey.

  • 14 Drive: Rashuwaghadi to Kathmandu (8-9 hrs, 130km)

    The road from the border to Kathmandu is narrow, requiring 8-9 hours of driving to reach your destination. You have the freedom to make stops along the way, provided it's safe to park, allowing you to relish the mountain vistas. Your journey concludes in Kathmandu, where the driver will transport you to your pre-arranged hotel, marking the end of your tour.

Included in package cost
  • Private Airport Transportation: Enjoy the convenience of our chauffeured vehicle services for seamless airport pick-up and drop-off in Lhasa.
  • Accommodation in Lhasa: Indulge in a three-night stay at our carefully selected hotels in Lhasa. Experience the comfort of twin-sharing arrangements and relish a delectable Bed and Breakfast (BB) plan.
  • Tibet Travel Permits: Your journey is our priority. We handle all essential Tibet travel permits, ensuring a hassle-free expedition on your part.
  • Private Transportation: Traverse Tibet in style with our private transportation options, including vans, Hiaces, and buses, tailored to your preferences.
  • Accommodation during Kailash Tour: Embrace the charm of Tibet with our top-tier guesthouses and lodges at twin-sharing arrangements including breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  • Entrance Fees: Entrance fees of Kailash's beauty without worry – we cover admission fees for Kailash and the Grass Dame.
  • Expert English-speaking Tibetan Guide: Your journey is enriched by the guidance of our proficient English-speaking Tibetan guide. Their extensive training and experience guarantee an insightful exploration.
  • All-Inclusive Sightseeing: Immerse yourself in Tibet's cultural treasures. We comprehensively cover fees for sightseeing and monastery visits as meticulously outlined in the provided itinerary.
  • Logistics with Yaks and Yakmen: Embrace the authenticity of the circuit of Mount Kailash. Our expertly arranged Yaks and Yakmen effortlessly transport baggage, food, fuel, and other necessities, enhancing your journey.
  • Taxes and Service Charges: Enjoy a worry-free experience with all applicable taxes and service charges already taken care of. There are no hidden costs, allowing you to focus solely on your exploration.
Not included in package
  • Lunch and Dinner Experiences in Tibet: Indulge in authentic Tibetan cuisine during your stay. Enjoy the flavors of the region as you savor delicious lunches and dinners, immersing yourself in the local culinary scene.
  • Hotel Accommodation in Kathmandu: Experience a comfortable stay in Kathmandu with our carefully selected hotel accommodations. Rest and prepare for your journey in a relaxed and welcoming environment.
  • Tibet Group Visa Processing: Let us take care of the necessary paperwork for your Tibet Group Visa. Our team will assist you in obtaining the visa, ensuring a smooth entry into Tibet.
  • International Air-tickets: Kathmandu to Lhasa: Travel conveniently from Kathmandu to Lhasa via air, with a flight ticket included in the package. Experience a seamless transition between these two stunning destinations.
  • Personal Insurance Coverage: Prioritize your safety with comprehensive personal insurance coverage. This includes travel, accident, medical, emergency evacuation, and coverage for lost luggage, ensuring peace of mind throughout your journey.
  • Personal Nature: While we take care of most aspects of your journey, please note that personal expenses such as aerated drinks, beverages, laundry, postage, telephone usage, and similar items are not included in the package.
  • Gratuities and Bonuses: The dedication of our guides and staff is truly appreciated. If you feel inclined to express your gratitude, you're welcome to offer tips or bonuses at your discretion, showcasing your appreciation for excellent service.
  • Extra expense: If extra help like Yaks, horses and porters is necessary for some clients, the local guide will help to arrange but clients have to decide the day before the trekking.

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