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Nepal-Tibet Lhasa Tour


Nepal-Tibet Lhasa Tour

The Nepal-Tibet Lhasa Tour, also known as the "Kathmandu to Lhasa Tour," combines cultural immersion with stunning scenery. From Kathmandu to Lhasa, travelers see snow-capped mountains, lush forests, and tranquil lakes. Cultural significance is the tour's hallmark, with each stop revealing centuries-old customs and beliefs. From Nepal's Durbar Square's ancient temples and monasteries to Tibet's monastic areas, every site tells a story of spiritual devotion and cultural resilience. Lhasa, the final stop, exemplifies Tibetan culture's spirituality and tranquility. The Nepal-Tibet Lhasa Tour provides a life-changing immersion into Himalayan culture.

Nepal-Tibet Lhasa Tour takes you on a beautiful tour across the breathtaking landscapes of Nepal and Tibet. Begin your journey in Kathmandu, where you may see historic temples and bustling marketplaces. Travel across the Himalayas, taking in stunning vistas of snow-capped peaks and picturesque valleys. Experience the mysterious aura of Lhasa upon entering Tibet, the Potala Palace's grandeur, and the Jokhang Temple's spiritual tranquility. Immerse yourself in Tibetan Buddhism, participate in ancient rites, and meet friendly people maintaining age-old traditions. This cultural tour combines Nepal's charm with Tibet's magic, providing a rewarding and spiritually uplifting experience that will leave lasting impressions.

Lhasa, an ancient city boasting a rich 1,300-year history, is situated at a remarkable elevation of 3,658 meters, placing it among the world's highest urban centers. The name "Lhasa," translating to "The Land of Gods" in Tibetan, symbolizes its crucial significance in politics, economics, and culture within China's Tibet Autonomous Region. Spanning approximately 30,000 square kilometers, Lhasa is the second-most influential city on the expansive Tibetan plateau.

The south-flowing Lhasa River and towering mountains that reach 5,800 meters surround Lhasa, which is located in the center of the Tibetan plateau. This spiritual haven boasts a unique landscape and captivating beauty. Within its vicinity lie renowned heritage sites and cultural treasures. The best time to explore Lhasa is from May to October, providing pleasant weather during Tibet's peak travel season. With abundant annual sunshine, Lhasa is affectionately known as "The Sunshine City."

Historically, the city of Lhasa was known as "Luosha" or "Luoxie," which means "dirt delivered by sheep." According to legend, Princess Wencheng, a member of the Tang court, used sheep to transport soil to transform the marshy land into a modern city. This effort led to the city's naming in the ninth century. The presence of landmarks such as the Potala Palace and the Jokhang Monastery allows visitors to see Lhasa's political, economic, cultural, and religious development. The city is an alluring travel destination that opens a new chapter for many people because it exudes a sacred atmosphere while also providing leisure and tranquility.

Nepal-Tibet Lhasa Tour

Nepal-Tibet Lhasa Tour Highlights and Attractions




5 Days

Starting Price

USD 1,000.00

Group Size

2-15 Pax




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Trip Itinerary

  • 01 Fly : Kathmandu to Lhasa

    In the morning, a scenic one-hour flight will take you over the majestic Himalayan Ranges to reach the esteemed Tibetan capital, Lhasa. Nestled at an elevation of 3,656 meters, Lhasa graces the northern bank of the Kyichu River. Upon arrival at Gonggor airport, you'll be welcomed by a local representative who will assist you in your transfer to your designated hotel, which is approximately 60 kilometers away and takes around an hour to reach. Along the route, you'll have the opportunity to catch glimpses of the Yarlung Tsangpo River (also known as the Brahmaputra River), the longest and largest river in Tibet, as well as the city of Lhasa. Spend the afternoon in well-deserved rest, allowing your body to adjust to the altitude. Your overnight stay will be at a hotel in Lhasa.

  • 02 Lhasa City Tour

    After your morning breakfast, set out on a comprehensive day of exploration. Your schedule encompasses visits to three notable sites:

    • Potala Palace: This iconic palace stands atop a solitary hill and carries deep historical significance for Tibet. Built by Tibet's inaugural ruler, Songtsen Gompa, it stands as a powerful emblem of the region.
    • Ramoche Monastery: Delve into the spiritual atmosphere of the revered Ramoche Monastery, an important religious destination.
    • Norbulingka: Immerse yourself in the splendor of Norbulingka, often referred to as the 'Treasure Park'. Its vast expanse of around 3,600 square meters makes it Tibet's largest human-made garden.

    Upon concluding your sightseeing ventures, you'll be transferred back to your hotel for an overnight stay in Lhasa.

  • 03 Lhasa City Tour

    After your morning breakfast, embark on a full day of sightseeing encompassing three prominent locations:

    • Sera Monastery: Situated 5 kilometers north of Lhasa, Sera Monastery holds an exquisite setting and is among Lhasa's most picturesque monastic sites. In its prime, this monastery accommodated over 5,000 monks before facing a significant decline due to Chinese influence.
    • Jokhang Monastery: Nestled at the heart of Old Lhasa, Jokhang Temple shelters Tibet's most treasured religious relic—an exquisite golden Shakyamuni Buddha. This precious artifact was bestowed as a gift by the Chinese Princess Wen Cheng during her marriage to Tibetan King Songtsen Gompo.
    • Barkhor Market: Explore Barkhor Market, a bustling center with both religious and social importance in Lhasa.

    Upon completing your sightseeing endeavors, you'll be transported back to your hotel for an overnight stay in Lhasa.

  • 04 Yamdrok Lake Tour

    In the morning, your tour will take you across the awe-inspiring Gampala Pass, which stands at an elevation of 4,790 meters. During this drive, a breathtaking panorama of the renowned Yamdrok-Tso at 4,400 meters will unfold before you. This sacred lake is ensconced amidst a collection of majestic, snow-capped peaks. Notably, the Holy Mount Nyenchen Khangsar, Lhasa's loftiest peak, graces the horizon, adding to the grandeur of the scene.

    The remarkable turquoise expanse of Lake Yamdrok Yutso, one of Tibet's three revered lakes, will captivate your senses. As you absorb the sight, the surrounding landscape boasts verdant pasturelands that provide sustenance for local herders and their livestock. The interplay of colors and textures between the lake and the pastures is a sight to behold, a testament to the harmony of nature.

    In the afternoon, your expedition will guide you back to the city of Lhasa, completing a day that's etched with the memories of nature's magnificence and the cultural tapestry of the region.

  • 05 Fly: Lhasa to Kathmandu

    After having breakfast in Lhasa, you will be driven to Gonggar Airport for your flight back to Kathmandu. Anticipate arriving in Kathmandu around mid-day. Subsequently, a transfer will be coordinated to escort you to your hotel in Kathmandu, providing a seamless and comfortable conclusion to your journey.

Included in package cost
    • Airport Transfers: Enjoy effortless airport transitions with both drop-off in Lhasa and pickup in Kathmandu, ensuring smooth hotel transfers.
    • Hotel Accommodation: You'll be provided with a comfortable twin room for 4 nights in Lhasa. The package includes breakfast (BB plan), allowing you to start your day with a refreshing meal.
    • Sightseeing Tour: Immerse in Lhasa's allure through a curated sightseeing itinerary, delving into captivating attractions. Absorb the city's rich cultural tapestry.
    • Expert Tibetan Guide: Journey alongside a knowledgeable English-speaking Tibetan guide, enriching your site visits with cultural insights and historical context.
    • Monument and Monastery Fees: Seamlessly explore all listed monuments and monasteries, with entrance fees covered for unhindered exploration.
    • Tibet Travel Permit: Secure essential travel permits for a compliant and hassle-free journey.
    • Comfortable Private Transportation: Travel in safety and comfort with a reliable local Tibetan driver, offering clean and well-maintained vehicles ranging from 4WD land cruisers to minibuses, tailored to your group's needs.
Not included in package
    • Meals Not Specified: Keep in mind that meals not outlined in the itinerary aren't covered. Typically, meals in the TAR (Tibet Autonomous Region) range from USD 5 to USD 15 per person per meal.
    • International Flights: The package doesn't include international flights to and from China.
    • Chinese Visa: Please note that the Chinese visa isn't included. We can assist you in the visa application process, providing essential documents such as invitation letters and hotel/flight reservations.
    • Tips and Gratitude: Consider tipping the tour guide and driver as a token of appreciation. This isn't covered in the package.
    • Personal Expenses: Expenses like laundry, phone calls, snacks, soft drinks (we encourage avoiding alcohol during your Tibet trip), optional tours, and other personal expenses aren't part of the package.

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Nepal Tibet Lhasa Tour is an immersive and culturally enriching travel experience that encompasses exploration of the vibrant cultural heritage of Lhasa, Tibet, alongside the breathtaking natural beauty of Nepal. This comprehensive tour typically involves visits to significant historical and religious landmarks in Lhasa, granting participants the opportunity to engage with the distinct blend of Tibetan and Nepali cultures.

Nepal-Tibet Lhasa Tour is brimming with captivating highlights that offer a comprehensive and memorable travel experience. Some of the prominent highlights include:

Yes, a permit is required to visit Tibet, including Lhasa and other regions within the Tibet Autonomous Region. This permit is commonly referred to as the "Tibet Travel Permit"; or "Tibet Entry Permit". It is issued by the Tibet Tourism Bureau and is mandatory for all foreign tourists, regardless of whether you are traveling independently or with a tour group.

Tibet Travel Permit is typically arranged by the travel agency or tour operator you are working with, as individual travelers cannot obtain it directly. To apply for the permit, you will need to provide your passport copy and other necessary details to the agency.

The best time to embark on the Nepal Tibet Lhasa Tour depends on your preferences and the specific experiences you want to enjoy. Generally, the most favorable times are during the spring and autumn months. Here are the details for each season:

Spring (April to June):

The physical demands of the Nepal Tibet Lhasa Tour can vary based on the specific itinerary, activities included, and your personal fitness level. Here are some factors to consider:

Yes, we offer the flexibility to customize the Nepal Tibet Lhasa Tour itinerary to some extent. Customization allows you to tailor the tour according to your interests, preferences, and available time. Here's how you can go about it:

For the Nepal Tibet Lhasa Tour, you will need several travel documents to ensure a smooth and hassle-free journey. Here is a list of essential documents:

We are dedicated to ensuring an exceptional and unforgettable journey. Ethic Himalaya Treks & Expedition (P) Ltd is committed to providing seamless experiences. Services align with the agreed terms during booking, subject to our policies and Tourism Authority regulations.

By agreeing to the terms, you acknowledge inherent risks and take responsibility for your actions. This adventure demands flexibility as conditions, weather, and unexpected changes can occur. High altitudes require careful acclimatization due to potential risks. Expeditions often venture into remote areas, where emergency services are limited. Evacuations, even by helicopter, might be challenging due to weather.

Please understand that circumstances beyond our control, like government restrictions or weather, may lead to changes. Additional costs resulting from such situations are your responsibility. Comprehensive travel insurance, covering cancellations and more, is essential. Evidence of this insurance is required at the start of the trip. Your safety and satisfaction are our priority, and while challenges may arise, our commitment to an extraordinary journey remains unwavering.

During your tour, a certified Tibetan Fluent English-speaking city or cultural Tour Guide, endorsed by the Tibet Government, will lead the Lhasa Tour. From the moment you arrive in Lhasa until your departure, this guide will be your dependable companion. His/Her expertise is a cornerstone of your tour's success. Don't hesitate to interact with them for inquiries and, above all, consider their guidance. Your guide's valuable insights contribute significantly to ensuring the excellence of your tour.

Ethic Himalaya Treks, our main goal is to provide our valued guests with an exceptionally comfortable travel experience. To achieve this, we carefully select accommodations that prioritize cleanliness, hygiene, and comfort. In Lhasa, we offer accommodations that meet a 3-star standard, including breakfast and are designed for twin/double sharing.

Understanding that preferences vary, we offer the option to customize your stay. Whether you'd like a single supplement for more privacy or wish to upgrade your hotel category, we can accommodate these requests for an additional cost. To ensure everything goes smoothly, we kindly ask that you let us know your preferences ahead of time. Your happiness is our utmost concern, and we're committed to ensuring that every aspect of your journey aligns seamlessly with your desires.

Traditional Tibetan cooking predominantly involves boiling and frying methods, complemented by mixed, steamed, and raw foods, with fewer stir-fried dishes. While debates on vegetarianism among religious practitioners date back to the 11th century, it isn't prevalent due to challenges in cultivating vegetables and cultural traditions favoring meat consumption. Tibetan cuisine primarily features barley, beef, mutton, offal, ghee, and milk residue. Barley holds great significance, with roasted barley flour known as Tsampa serving as a staple. Additionally, dishes like Sha phaley (meat and cabbage in bread) and Balep (Tibetan bread) are commonly enjoyed for breakfast and lunch. Various forms of balep bread and fried pies are also relished. Thukpa, a dinner staple, encompasses vegetables, meat, and noodles of diverse shapes in broth.

Tibetan cuisine uniquely employs bamboo chopsticks for consumption, distinguishing it from other Himalayan culinary traditions that favor eating by hand. Lhasa offers a plethora of menu choices, encompassing Western, Sichuan, and Tibetan cuisines. Restaurants are concentrated around Barkhor Street and the Jokhang Temple area, ensuring easy access to dining and refreshment options.

We provide a diverse selection of vehicles, ranging from 7 to 23 seats, to cater to various group sizes. Our goal is to ensure that we can accommodate your group comfortably. We carefully allocate enough space for both passengers and luggage, enhancing the overall comfort of your journey. Our team of local drivers boasts considerable experience and is well-versed in the Tibet itinerary and road conditions.

We uphold stringent standards in selecting drivers and vehicles for your safety and peace of mind. Our drivers are chosen based on their extensive driving expertise, and each vehicle undergoes a meticulous assessment process. These stringent criteria guarantees that you can travel in Tibet with confidence, knowing that safety and security are paramount to us.

Traveling to Tibet from various locations offers diverse options for visitors. Here's an overview of the different routes and transportation methods:

Traveling to Tibet necessitates both a Chinese visa and a Tibet Travel Permit, both of which can be facilitated in Kathmandu with the assistance of a travel company, particularly when entering Tibet via Nepal. It's vital to recognize that a valid Chinese tourist visa is distinct from a Tibet Travel Permit. Even travelers possessing a Chinese tourist visa are mandated to secure a Tibet travel permit. This stipulation remains applicable for foreign travelers journeying to Tibet from mainland China as well.

Acquiring the Tibet Travel Permit involves several prerequisites. These encompass enlisting a guide for the entire trip and arranging private transportation for excursions beyond Lhasa. Ventures outside Lhasa mandate supplementary permits, and these are adeptly organized by the travel company you are journeying with. This comprehensive approach is instrumental in ensuring your smooth and lawful access to Tibet, while guaranteeing a fulfilling and well-structured travel experience.

For your Lhasa tour, it's important to pack a few essential items to ensure your comfort and convenience. Here's a simplified list of equipment to consider:


Your health plays a vital role in ensuring a safe and enjoyable Tibet Lhasa Tour. Given the high-altitude environment and potential challenges, it's recommended to consider the following:

At the time of booking, it is imperative to inform the Company in writing about any existing medical conditions, physical challenges, or mental or physical conditions that could impact your fitness to travel. This includes any medical conditions that may arise during the trip. Should you fail to communicate such conditions to the Company and subsequently need to cancel your trip due to these undisclosed conditions, you will be subject to 100% cancellation fees.

We prioritize your safety and comfort and having this information ensures we can make necessary arrangements and recommendations to accommodate your needs appropriately. Your proactive communication is crucial in ensuring a smooth and enjoyable travel experience.

For the safety and well-being of all our travelers, travel insurance is mandatory and must be arranged at the time of booking. Your travel insurance policy should cover the following areas with a recommended minimum coverage of USD 200,000 for each category:

In the event that you encounter any concerns or complaints during your tour, it is imperative that you promptly communicate these issues to both the hotelier and our team on-site. By notifying us during your trip, we are given the opportunity to address and rectify the problem in a timely manner. Failing to alert us at the time of occurrence may not warrant the company's acceptance of liability for any issues that arise after you have returned to your home country.

Should the complaint not find resolution at the moment of occurrence, we kindly request that you provide a written account of the matter within 30 days following the conclusion of your trip. It is crucial to adhere to this timeframe. It's important to note that neglecting to follow this outlined procedure might limit or nullify any entitlement you have to initiate a claim against our company. Your cooperation and adherence to this procedure are greatly appreciated, as they ensure that we can diligently address and resolve any concerns you might encounter during your travel experience.

The cost on our website applies to groups of 6 to 15 people joining the Nepal-Tibet Lhasa Tour. We also offer the option of a private tour if your group size is at least two people. Many clients ask about preferred travel dates. It's important to know that the cost depends on:

The itineraries or programs we provide are subject to potential alterations without prior notice due to circumstances beyond our control, including but not limited to weather-related hazards, landslides, political disturbances, road closures, avalanches, sudden illnesses, and more. Customization of the program is possible based on client interests. In the unfortunate event of trip cancellation due to factors such as war, natural calamities, political instability, adverse climate conditions, etc., Ethic Himalaya Treks & Expedition P. Ltd. would be delighted to offer you an alternative trip of comparable quality. This alternative option will be held for your convenience for up to one year, not exceeding this duration.

To secure your booking for Nepal-Lhasa Tour, a non-refundable deposit of USD 500 per person per trip is essential. This deposit ensures the confirmation of your reservation. If you make your booking within 30 days of departure, the full amount is due at the time of booking. You have the flexibility to pay the remaining amount either before your arrival in Nepal or upon your arrival before the trip commences.

The non-refundable deposit must be remitted to our company. In case the deposit amount differs from what is stated in this clause, the company will provide you with the appropriate information at the time of booking.

You have the convenience of making booking deposits through bank transfers or by Credit Card (Visa or MasterCard). Please refer to the details provided on the booking form to ensure accurate payment processing.

For the Nepal-Tibet Lhasa Tour Tour, your final payment can be settled upon your arrival in Nepal. This affords you flexibility and ease in managing your trip costs. Various payment options are available, including bank transfers, travel checks, cash, or Credit Card payments (Visa or MasterCard).

It's important to note that a 4% surcharge applies when using Credit Cards for payment. This surcharge is applicable to all types of payments, encompassing deposits, final balances, trip extensions, and incidental purchases. This policy ensures transparency and convenience in your financial transactions throughout your journey.

Please be aware that we maintain the prerogative to adjust pricing rates when necessary. Such revisions may occur if the prices displayed in our marketing materials and on our website face alterations due to circumstances beyond our control, such as shifts in exchange rates or government-imposed actions. It's important to note that domestic flight fares are particularly susceptible to fluctuations caused by increases in fuel prices.

Rest assured, our commitment to you is to always strive for transparency and to present the most current and accurate pricing in our tours. While external factors can sometimes exert pressure on pricing, we make every effort to minimize such impacts and maintain a fair pricing structure.

Upon payment of your deposit, your trip reservation is confirmed, contingent on settling the balance of fees 90 days before the scheduled trip commencement. If a member decides to cancel participation, the following guidelines will apply:

We retain the right to cancel a trip up to 30 days before the scheduled departure. We also maintain the option to cancel a trip prior to departure if circumstances such as terrorism, natural disasters, political instability, or other external factors render it unfeasible to carry out the planned itinerary. If such a cancellation occurs, you have the choice to transfer the amounts paid to an alternative departure date or receive a complete refund. In cases where external events beyond our control lead to cancellation, refunds will be adjusted to account for any unrecoverable expenses.

It's important to note that we are not accountable for any ancillary expenses you may have incurred due to your booking, including but not limited to visa costs, vaccinations, travel insurance deductibles, or non-refundable flight fares. Please be aware that differing cancellation terms might be applicable to specific trip styles; your booking consultant will provide guidance if such variations exist.

If you wish to make changes to your booking, such as transferring to a different trip or transferring you’re booking to a third party, we require you to notify us a minimum of 30 days before the proposed departure date. A fee of USD 500 per person per change will be applicable, in addition to any charges imposed by hotels, ground operators, or airlines.

Should you notify us of changes less than 30 days before the proposed departure date, the refund policy applicable to cancellations will take effect. Transfers to a third party are permissible only if the transferee meets all the trip requirements, and transfers to another departure are limited to within the current validity period.

For amendments to other arrangements made in conjunction with your trip, an administration fee of USD 300 per booking per change will apply. This fee is separate from any charges levied by hotels, ground operators, or airlines.

Please note that no amendments can be made to your booking within 10 days of departure. This policy ensures effective management of trip arrangements and associated services.

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The Nepal-Tibet Lhasa Tour, also known as the "Kathmandu to Lhasa Tour," combines cultural immersion with stunning scenery. From Kathmandu to Lhasa, travelers see snow-capped mountains, lush forests, and tranquil lakes. Cultural significance is the tour's hallmark, with each stop revealing centuries-old customs and beliefs. From Nepal's Durbar Square's ancient temples and monasteries to Tibet's monastic areas, every site tells a story of spiritual devotion and cultural resilience. Lhasa, the final stop, exemplifies Tibetan culture's spirituality and tranquility. The Nepal-Tibet Lhasa Tour provides a life-changing immersion into Himalayan culture.