Mt. Lhakpa-Ri Expedition (7,045m)

Mt. Lhakpa-Ri Expedition (7,045m)

lhakpari-expeditionMt. Lhakpa Ri is becoming very famous expedition in Tibet. It divides the upper east Rombuk and Kharta glacier. It is much closer to Mt. Everest and one feels as equal to climbed Mount Everest the moment, one reaches on the top of this mountain. The Expedition starts from Kathmandu- Zhangmu-Nyalam-Tingri and Everest Base Camp (Lhakpa Ri Base camp) 5200m or from Lhasa to Rombuk then to Lhakpari Base Camp. After this base camp, we should start our expedition ahead towards the Middle camp 5780m, with the preparation of loading yaks and expedition crews. Then we have to take a night's rest in this middle camp. Continuing ahead to this tract we reach at the Advance Base camp, which is situated at the height of 6400m. After that climbing up ahead we reach almost at the level of East Rombuk Glacier to the Rophu La. There are few crevasses until we reach at the very food of the slope leading to us the North ridge of the Summit. Following way of the North ridge on the other side we see Kharta glacier and the views of North Col of Everest. Same way of the ridge leads up to the Summit of Lhakpa Ri. From of the Lhakpa Ri, the very beautiful views of above the 8000m. High Mountains are envisioned and also the good panoramic views of small mountains down below there can be seen. Above there the climbing is little bit exposed but it is easy again to reach ahead in the second steps. After the second steps the route is series of small nude ridge. After that route with large boulder where we should use ladder to climb ahead. Now to go head it is not series as the previous steps but we should use the fixed rope to the North Col before the final summit of snow slopes. Again there are quite steep and fixed ropes to go ahead to the buttressed rocks from where there is a short section of corniced ridge to reach on the Summit of Everest on the Tibet side.

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Fact of Mt.Lhakpa Ri Expedition

Name of Expedition: 

Mt. Lhakpa Ri Expedition


7,045m (23,114ft) 


Nepal / China (Tibet)




Highly Adventurous



Strenuous & Difficult


Trekking and Mountaineering

Minimum Altitude:


Maximum Altitude:



September to October and April to May


Private vehicle and domestic plane


45 Days

Entry Point:


Exit Point:


Walking hours per day:

5 to 7 Hours

Group Size:

2 to 15 Persons