Gurla Mandata Expedition

Gurla Mandata Expedition

gurla-mandataMt. Gurla Mandata is the highest peak of the Nalakankar Himal of Tibet, which is situated very close by the sacred called the mountain Kailash. It lies in Burang County of the Ngari Prefecture in the Tibet Autonomous Region of China and to the northwest corner of Nepal. It is the 34th highest peak in the world. It is also notable for being well within the Tibetan Plateau and relatively far away from other peaks of height greater than 7500 metres. It sits roughly across Lake Manasarowar from the sacred peak of Mount Kailash.The local people call it the Namo Nani means the "Fairy's Peak" and it is made of with six ridges. The west ridge is like the Fan shaped and East Ridge is with very much steeper cliffs. Towards its North the holy lake Manasarovar and Langatse are situated. Gurla Mandata's base camp is situated on the on the glacier at 5600m, high.

Gural Mandata (Namo Nani) Mountain was first climbed by Sino-Japanese expedition in 1985. After that only 5 ascent up there have been made till to date to this mountain. Presently according to the recent data, a French expedition team has climbed this mountain.

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Name of Expedition: Gurla Mandata Expedition
Elevation: 7,694m or 25,243ft
Location: Tibet, China
Range: Nalakankar Himal, Himalaya
Region: Gurla Mandata (Tibet Side) 
Accommodation: Hotel or lodge in cities and rest in tents 
Best season: Late spring and autumn 

Expedition Duration: 40 days