Trekking Equipment

Trekking Equipment

General Equipment for both trekking and expeditions to Nepal:

Trekking Gear

 During any trek in Nepal you will experience a wide range of temperatures and weather conditions.  The equipment you bring must function well in a wide variety of conditions.  Your clothing should be lightweight, warm, dry quickly and allow good freedom and movement. Please take the time to choose your clothing and equipment carefully, it may make the difference between a comfortable and successful trip and one which could have been more enjoyable.


Lightweight hiking boots- If you are using a new pair of boots you should work them in to avoid suffering from blisters.  Spare laces are also good to bring.

Pair of track shoes/sandals- These are necessary at night to let your boots dry if they are wet, and also to allow your feet to breathe.  Sandals are great for wearing in the camps and towns.

Warm Jacket- A fiber- fill or down jacket is easy to pack and keeps the body warm during cold days and nights at high elevation.

Rain jacket/Poncho- A guaranteed waterproof, hooded jacket is essential.

Heavy-weight and light-weight trousers- Heavy-weight trousers are useful in the morning and at night when you are high up in the mountains.  Having an extra pair of light trousers can be handy.  Also, rain trousers are practical.

Loose fitting, long shorts/skirts- A couple of pairs of these are easy to pack and comfortable to wear.

Light-weight, long sleeve and short sleeve shirts- A long sleeve shirt is suitable for protection against the sun while trekking.

Wool hat and gloves- During the winter season these are a definite necessity for cold mornings and nights.

Thin and thick woolen socks- A couple of pairs of each will suit you for all conditions.

Under Wear.  A normal quantity.  Also swimming wear is useful.   

Thermal underwear- These are optional but ideal to sleep in during the night. In the winter season they are highly recommended.

Accessories and equipment

Backpack/duffle bag- You will need a bag with good back support and space to carry all of your trekking gear.  A rain cover for your bag is very useful to have.

Small backpack/bag- You can use this to carry all of your personal equipment and daily needs.

Sunglasses/snow glasses- These are great not only for protecting your eyes from the sun and snow, but also from wind and dusty trails.

Plastic bags- 2-4 large plastic bags are great for separating dirty or wet clothing.  8-10 small bags can be used to dispose garbage.

Toiletries- Toilet paper and Kleenex can be hard to find as you get high up into the mountains.  You can also bring hankies.

Small headlamp/torch- Spare batteries and bulbs are necessary as well as lighters and candles.

Umbrella (optional) - This can be useful during light rain showers.

Other useful accessories- First Aid kit, trekking map, pocket knife, binoculars, reading materials, games (cards etc;), notebook, pen and pencils etc;

Boots and Shoes Trekking boots, A pair of flip flops/sandals,Expedition grade plastic climbing boots, Down boots for camp

Climbing Gear (Personal).

Harness, Crampons, Ice axe, Safety helmet, Head torch/extra batteries/spare bulbs, Ascenders, Descenders, Prussik cord, Short slings, Wires (stoppers), Pegs (pitons), Ice screws, Extenders, Karabiners, Climbing rope (sufficient for the peak)
Ice hammer, Gloves/Socks, Light weight thermal gloves, A pair of Gore-Tex glove shells with liner or ski gloves, A pair of woollen gloves, Five pairs of woollen socks, Three pairs of cotton socks, Gaiters, One pair (essential if on snow)


Altimeter, Notebook/pens/pencil, Camera/batteries/film, Large plastic bags for lining rucksack and protecting garments, Duck tape for repairs, Spare boot laces, Baggage locks

Personal first aid kit box -

please be advised to check with your GP, Insect repellent (Repel 100 or Jungle Formula), Antiseptic cream, Throat lozenges, Deep Heat or Tiger Balm, Anti diarrhoea (Diacalm or Immobuim), Anti protozoan (flagyl or tineba - for treating giardia), Re hydrant salts Antibiotics (for treating a variety of infections - carry a course of each), Mild pain killers (aspirin, paracetamol for headaches etc NOT codeine based pain killers as these suppress the breathing function and are not advisable at altitude), Strong pain killers (seek advice from your GP or pharmacist), Anti inflammatory (ibuprofen), Eye drops, Plasters/blister kit/bandages/safety pins Iodine based water purification tablets, Iodine for cleaning wounds, A complete sterile medical kit (obtainable from most major chemists), Emergency dental kit, Scissors, Tweezers.

Equipments List:

-  Sun Hat 
-  Fleece/Wool hat (to cover ears)
-  Sunglasses & reading glasses
-  Scarf to cover face (dust/wind)

Lower Body:
-  Under garments
-  Hiking shorts
-  Lightweight walking pants
-  Light weight thermal leggings
-  Fleece or tracksuit pants
-  Waterproof shell pants

-  3x thin cotton inner soaks
-  3x thick warm wool hiking socks
-  Hiking boots (with spare laces)
-  Walking sneakers
-  Scandals
-  Walking poles

Upper Body:
-  3x T-shirts
-  2x lightweight thermal tops
-  2x Merino/Fleece long shelve tops
-  Waterproof shell jacket
-  Down vest/jacket*
-  Poncho rain cover

-  Lightweight fleece gloves
-  Heavyweight gloves
Or waterproof/wind fleece gloves
-  Playing card
-  Trail map & guide book

-  Sleeping bag
-  Sleeping bag liner
-  Pillow slip/case

Medical Kit:
-  See your Doctor for compete medical kit
-  Including Dimox

-  Headlamp & spare batteries
-  Hand touch & spare batteries
-  Dry packs
-  Open neck water bottles x2
-  Watch with light & alarm
-  Pack no heavier than 15kg fully packed 
-  Pack cover
-  Day pack 33litre with waist strap
-  Money belt

Toiletries & Personal Hygiene
-  1x quick dry towel & face cloth
 -  Shampoo & Conditioner                     
-  Toothbrush & paste (biodegradable)
-  Multipurpose wipes (face & body)
-  Deodorant
-  Face & Body moisturizer
-  Nail clippers/file
-  Small comb/brush
-  Small mirror
-  Clothes washing soap (biodegradable)
-  Toilet paper (you can buy more on trek)
-  Anti-Bacterial wipes (4x packs)
-  Hand sanitizer (small bottle)
-  Sun block face/body high UV protection
-  Lip block with UV protection
-  Feminine hygiene products

 Extra Items: 
- Camera & extra batteries
- Binoculars
- Reading books

 - Journal & pen                            
- Photo’s of home/family
- Energy/protein bars (optional)
-  Walkman & Steripen